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Bring your personal finances to the next level.
Run your household like you'd run your business. Budget, track and analyze your incomes and expenses anyplace and anytime.

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Rich Information

Make informed decisions

No more impulse buys, no more fruitless spending. Analyze your spending habits and learn from them. Become more responsible with your money.

Incentivise yourself with goals

Set your monthly and yearly goals and collect points for owning up to them. Let's make saving great again! Sign up today

Anyplace and anytime

Record your expenses and manage your accounts on the go. No more ATM balance checks, all the info you need is in your pocket.

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Road to financial independence

This is just the beginning. We are constantly updating our services and adding new features. Strap your seatbelts and prepare for the ride!

Make you rich

Save money and go on that vacation you have always wanted to!

...or just keep stuffing that pillow, whatever works for you.

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It’s not hard to see how we make your life easier every day.

Anyplace. We’re always here for you no matter where you are, all you need is an internet connection.

Accounts. Manage all your bank, credit, savings, or online accounts from one place.

Automation. Your recurring expenses, incomes and savings will be recorded automatically when the chosen time has passed.

Rich calculations. Splice and dice your data and get a deeper insight in your spending habits.

Responsive design. Great UX on devices of all sizes.

Secure connections. Every single request is routed through HTTPS.

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  • About
  • PiggyBank is a personal finance application developed by a young economist and software developer from Banja Luka.
    Our education systems fail us on such a basic, but incredibly important segment of our life, personal finances.
    I have met people with substantial incomes who manage to blow it all away, and I have met people with modest incomes who build houses. That was the inspiration behind this service.
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